We strive for the best experience for client and visitor. As a full-service producer, Groundbreaking strives to make the best out of the collaboration through involvement in the whole production process. All services that we offer are in house arrangements.


    A unique event calls for a unique stage design. By making a 3D drawing that is accustomed to the real-life location, we are able to visualize the result of the designs. With ongoing innovative creativity, we make exclusive designs for every concept and budget.


    Groundbreaking has a studio for design and preparation, where all the show elements can be prepared with all our technical professionals. Because of this extended form of preparation, the team is able to anticipate and cooperate with one another in the constant changing environment of the show. In this manner, we can maximize the technical performance of the event.


    When we have the 3D design, we will start with the technical production of the event. In accordance with a set schedule, we take care of the construction. We think it is essential for us to be involved in this process, to make sure everything goes as smooth and fast as possible.


    Groundbreaking works together with the best suppliers for all food and beverages. Thanks to the years of collaborating, we can guarantee that all products are delivered on time in the agreed amounts. During the show, the manager has full control over the crew, who can be styled in accordance with the theme of the event.

  • CREW

    A professional crew is of great importance to us; therefore we work with a stable pool of employees. This way we can assure you that only the best of the best are working to make your event a success. Groundbreaking provides for handy site crew, skilled technicians for light and sound, host(esse)s and trained bar staff.


    The artist handling is a decisive feature in the performance of an artist. Therefore, Groundbreaking manages the artist handling before, during and after the show perfectly, so the artist will perform under the most optimal circumstances. More than that, we provide tour- and production managers for specific artists internationally.